Marudhara Ultramarine, a unit of Lohiya group of Industries was founded in 1950. Since then, the group has been working towards continuous development and expertise in t he field of Detergents, Adhesives, Ultramarine Blue Pigments, Polishes, Cleaners and a range of other specialty Household and Industrial products

Marudhara Ultramarine’s flagship product ‘Rachna’, a very premium quality detergent has been a leader in places where other detergent fail because of very high hardness, to the order of 2500 ppm.

MU has recently ventured into speciality liquid cleaners with technological support from very prominent scientists from Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

The team of promoters comprises of people with a very rich technical background.

D.D. Lohiya (Chairman And Technocrat, Chemical Engineer Graduate from world famous Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani & Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He has committed his life for the development of science and technology and society )

Anurag Lohiya (Director, is also a Chemical Engineer with an immense experience in working across different disciplines.)

Amit Lohiya (Production Engineer and a very dynamic entrepreneur with constant focus on R&D. He has been a catalyst for the development of some world-class products.

Vineet Lohiya ( Chemical Engineer and a Post Graduate in Polymer Science from Materials Science Centre, Manchester, U.K. He looks after quality control and new product development.)